How we stitch it all together

A message from the Outlier Inspired Design Team

Do the heavy lifting up front and the rest will follow. This is our approach to manufacturing the SkyDreamer Travel Pillow, with meticulous planning the design and production processes.  What follows is that every Skydreamer travel pillow we ship is worthy of display as a showpiece and will remain as comfortable as it is brand new for years to come.

Having sourced the highest quality materials, we’ve worked with our manufacturing partner to ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout the production process. All of our fabrics and materials are cut digitally and marked with navigational guides to improve accuracy during the sew.

Before heading over to production, all of our materials and parts are prepackaged into production kits and preassigned to a production specialist. Each production specialist then receives the correct consignment of materials and parts required to precisely construct their respective SkyDreamer component.  To ensure that each SkyDreamer meets our most accurate, high quality standards, our ISO certified manufacturing partner has devised and implemented inline quality control checks, strategically positioned throughout the production process to verify that our quality standards are met and that errors don’t make their way into the final product.

Our objective has always been to create the best travel pillow on the market. Thanks to our manufacturing partner and the many hours of collaborative research, we are able to confidently say that every SkyDreamer we ship is worthy of the name.


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