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Review for SkyDreamer Travel Pillow

My husband, Kent and I, traveled a ‘red eye’ flight from San Jose to Denver and back over the recent Memorial Day weekend. We got to try out your new product and were both impressed with our experiences.

I never have been able to sleep on a plane, even on the overnight flights to Europe. I was eager to see if your new collar could help.  It took me awhile to figure out the best adjustment of the back neck strap. I found that adjusting it fairly ‘snug’ was best for me. I was surprised that this snug felt embracing and supportive rather than ‘tight’. It was not choking at all.  I found the SkyDreamer comfortable.

On the first leg of our trip, another passenger saw me with the SkyDreamer on and wanted to know where he could get one for his wife. He wanted one so much that he gave my husband his email address so that he could be contacted when it becomes available to purchase.

On our trip back home our flight was delayed 2 hours. As we sit in the very uncomfortable chairs in the airport terminal at almost midnight Kent said, ‘The SkyDreamer would be good to use right now.’ He was right.

I had an overall very positive experience with SkyDreamer.

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