Review for SkyDreamer Travel Pillow

In my previous life, I circled the globe racking up over a million miles in charge of global materials and supply chain management for Seagate Technology, a Silicon Valley high tech firm and the world’s largest producer of hard disc drives.  After an international flight, going to morning meetings were the worst because of the lingering effects of not having slept well.  Even domestic flights were problematic because of the poor posture created by airline seats.  At 30,000 feet, there were many sleepless miles and sore necks.

My first impression of SkyDreamer is ‘Brilliant!’  I no longer have to force my neck and head back against my pillow.  The neck padding was just thick enough to provide comfort without creating discomfort.  It’s adjustable, so I could put my head exactly where I wanted.  I never felt overheated and my head never fell forward, which meant that I was able to sleep comfortable throughout the flight and even enjoy a brief nap on shorter trips.

I’m still a frequent flyer.  In fact, I just returned from Hawaii with my SkyDreamer in tow!  This pillow gives me the comfort that I want and support I need.  I can finally sleep peacefully at 30,000 feet!