How to Fit and Adjust your SkyDreamer Travel Pillow

Which way is up?

When you put on your SkyDreamer, your front fastening tab should always be on your right side. If your fastening tab is on your left side, your SkyDreamer is upside down.

How to adjust the fit of your pillow

We designed your SkyDreamer to fit comfortably. Your SkyDreamer should never feel too tight around your neck. Our design provides the support you need without the need for over adjusting.

Flip, Adjust, Flip Technique

  • Pull Neckband end tab to detach Velcro fastener from pillow.
  • Flip Velcro side away from pillow to adjust.
    Tip: Slide index finger between Neckband end tab and pillow.
  • Slide end tab through loops to adjust.
  • Flip end tab and press Velcro onto pillow to refasten into place.
  • Repeat at the other end.

Adjust over Finger Technique

  • Slide index finger between Neckband end tab and pillow (contact area)
  • Slide Neckband end tab over index finger to adjust length.
  • Remove finger and press end tab onto pillow to fasten into place.

Use extenders to increase the adjustable size of your pillow

We designed your SkyDreamer to fit comfortably around your neck. It should never feel too tight or snug around your neck.

Use our Extenders to increase the adjustable length of your SkyDreamer.

  • Coarse side up. Position extender over the Velcro strip of your Neckband.
  • Traverse extender lengthwise along Velcro strip to selectively extend Neckband length.
  • Press extender onto Velcro to fasten into place.
  • Repeat at other end.

Using, accessing and storing the Totebag

You’ll find your tote bag quietly hidden away in your Adjustable NeckBand. Unzip the bottom edge of your Adjustable NeckBand to access your Totebag.