I can now sleep on overnight flights!

Review for SkyDreamer Travel Pillow

I am an admittedly terrible sleeper on flights. I often end up taking the red eye so that I will have the following day free, only to find that I am too exhausted to actually stay awake throughout the following day. A major bummer. Travel pillows have never helped me that much, but now that I’ve taken trips with the SkyDreamer from Los Angeles to Scandinavia, Alaska, Hawaii and back, I can attest that it actually does allow me to sleep through overnight flights!

I have known Cedric, the designer of SkyDreamer, for over a year and I have seen first hand how meticulous he is in every aspect of his design. He has been open and adaptable with feedback from all his prototype testers and attention to design detail is in his blood. Listen up Kickstarter: you can back this project with confidence that the team is dedicated to delivering the best travel pillow available!