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The SkyDreamer Travel Pillow

Comfortably sleep upright with proper head and neck alignment and wake feeling refreshed. The SkyDreamer Travel Pillow is ergonomically designed for your best flight’s sleep.


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Travelers love the SkyDreamer Travel Pillow

“…I’ve taken trips with the SkyDreamer from Los Angeles to Scandinavia, Alaska, Hawaii and back, I can attest that it actually does allow me to sleep through overnight flights! more

Joseph SlikerFilmmaker

“I slept so long that even the flight attendant commented (on it) as I was disembarking the plane.” more

Maeve DaughartyOceanographer

“This pillow gives me the comfort that I want and support I need. I can finally sleep peacefully at 30,000 feet!”  more

Karl ChiccaRace Car Driver and Owner of Life’s Good Life’s Good Racing

Soaring to new heights! Watch the Skydreamer’s flight into the Stratosphere

Comfortably sleep upright with proper head and neck alignment and wake feeling refreshed. Our ergonomic features include:

The Twin Cradle
Provides unprecedented support while sleeping in a near upright position. Allows your head to gently tilt to either side while you move through your 5 stages of sleep, transitioning in and out of REM sleep.

Quick Align-Release Fasteners
Magnetic fasteners perfectly align left and right pillow with little effort. Snap snap and you’re ready for REM. Simply pull the fastener tab for quick release.

Adjustable Slim Neckband
Slim profile guards against head droop by not forcing your neck and head forward into an unnatural position. Light-breathable padded support provides the ultimate in comfort. Adjusts to most neck sizes.

Slim profile guards against forward head droop. By design, your neck and head are not forced forward into an unnatural position. Light-breathable padded support provides the ultimate in comfort. Adjusts to most neck sizes.

CenterLine Arch
Redirects pressure created from a forward tilting head away from the center of the chest, redistributing the pressure across the outer chest and shoulders for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Hideaway ToteBag with SingleDraw Carry-on Loop
Stores in a hideway pouch inside of your Adjustable Slim Neckband. Our totebag tether means you will never misplace your totebag again. With a single downward flick, our unique SingleDraw Carry-On Loop draws your totebag closed to keep your pillow clean. Use excess SingleDraw to secure to your luggage.

Weight and Dimensions

Imperial Units

Weight: 8.6oz
Pillow Dimensions: Width 11.5in  x  Height 7.25in  x  Depth 3.5in
Totebag Dimensions: Height 12in  x  Diameter: 5.5in (with pillow inside)

Metric Units

Weight: 0.24kg
Pillow Dimensions: Width 29.21cm  x  Height 18.41cm  x  Depth 8.89cm
Totebag Dimensions: Height 30.48cm  x  Diameter 13.97cm (with pillow inside)


Exterior Pillow Materials: 55% Polyester, 45% Nylon Taffeta, 100% Polyester Microsuede, 100% Nylon Velcro
Interior Pillow: 100% Premium Polyester Fiberfill
Totebag: 100% Nylon Rip-stop fabric

General Cleaning: Wipe with a damp cloth; air dry. Use lint brush to clean cuddle suede.

Deep Cleaning: Front-load washer. Use lukewarm water; reshape and air-dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

Dry Cleaning: Yes.

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Review for SkyDreamer Travel Pillow
Very positive experience

My husband, Kent and I, traveled a ‘red eye’ flight from San Jose to Denver and back over the recent Memorial Day weekend. We got to try out your new product and were both impressed with our experiences.

I never have been able to sleep on a plane, even on the overnight flights to Europe. I was eager to see if your new collar could help.  It took me awhile to figure out the best adjustment of the back neck strap. I found that adjusting it fairly ‘snug’ was best for me. I was surprised that this snug felt embracing and supportive rather than ‘tight’. It was not choking at all.  I found the SkyDreamer comfortable.

On the first leg of our trip, another passenger saw me with the SkyDreamer on and wanted to know where he could get one for his wife. He wanted one so much that he gave my husband his email address so that he could be contacted when it becomes available to purchase.

On our trip back home our flight was delayed 2 hours. As we sit in the very uncomfortable chairs in the airport terminal at almost midnight Kent said, ‘The SkyDreamer would be good to use right now.’ He was right.

I had an overall very positive experience with SkyDreamer.

Review for SkyDreamer Travel Pillow
Great neck support

Amazing pillow! Thank you so much Outlier Inspired for letting take this bad boy with me on my trip. It provided me much needed neck support and I had one of the most comfortable trips to Cancun using this!

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